Our service plans

Choose the right package for your business needs.


Why signature packs?

At eSignHaven we choose to work with signature packs and unlimited users (except for Lite plan) so that our customers have a clear and transparant overview of what they get in their plan.

What is a signature pack?

You purchase an annual signature bundle. This includes the price per signature. If the number of signatures purchased is not used up, the remainder is not carried over to the following year.

Will my monthly/annual subscription renew automatically?

Yes, your monthly subscription will be renewed every month and your annual subscription every year, until you let us know you want to change your subscription or cancel your account.

How do I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my subscription?

You may cancel, downgrade or upgrade to another subscription at any time. Contact our sales team via the contact form.

Is an user account required to sign a document?

A user account is not required to sign a document.

(Only applicable for non-Belgium EU countries) How to do Tax Exempt?

Are you a company in EU while not in Belgium (ex: Holland)? Then you might be eligible for Tax Exempt, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click "Person" button at the top right, or here
  2. After logging in, click "go to store" at the top right
  3. Finally, click "shopping bag" at the top right

Then you will see tax exempt form for you to enter VAT number and be exempted from Tax once validated