How it works

Step 1: login

Your personal dashboard

  • Setup a document workflow
  • Change the settings
  • Access to documents in different statuses

Step 2: workflow management

Create easy and unique workflows

  • Upload documents
  • Add recipients
  • Select a workflow template and set permissions

Step 3: preparing

Prepare your documents

  • Add signature fields
  • Choose form fields
  • Share the documents

Step 4: signing

Let's start signing

Sign and review documents quickly, easily and securely. Collect different types of digital signatures
and manage real-world scenarios such as delegated signing, group signatures and bulk signing of many documents in one go.

Step 5: Tracking & Managing

Easy reporting

eSignHaven provides complete visibility of your document sign-off status in real-time across multiple devices.

  • Workflow completion report
  • Document tracking
  • Workflow evidence report