About Zeticon

Zeticon, founded in 2006, is a Belgian consultancy and software company within the Cronos Group, specialising in trust services and efficient and qualitative information management.

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Our core values


  • Security

    Ensuring the highest standards of security to protect the integrity and confidentiality of digital signatures and associated documents.

  • Trust

    Guaranteeing the integrity of signed documents by preventing unauthorized alterations or tampering after signing

  • Cost efficiency

    We’ve eliminated everything you don’t need and left in only the high-performing essentials.

  • Digital signing

    Focuses on managing document workflows and approval through the placement of digital cryptographic signatures in compliance with applicable European regulations.

  • Information content software solutions

    The software department specialises in building a flexible, scalable SaaS platform for uploading, managing, preserving and accessing structured (metadata) and unstructured (digital objects) information or our Information Management Platform. Applications within our platform: Digital asset management, PIM, Application Retirement, E-depot.

  • Consultancy

    The Information Management consultancy department was born out of our customers' needs to get further support in analysing, setting up and implementing efficient information management plans within their organisations, from analogue to digital, from a holistic and technology agnostic view.